ASSOCIAZIONE FABBRICA INTELLIGENTE LOMBARDIA, with its registered office in Via Oldofredi Ercole 23, 20124 Milano, Social Security Number and VAT registration number 08192390964 (hereinafter “Owner”), acting as processing Owner inform you under Article 13 European Regulation n. 2016/679 (“GDPR”) Yours data will be processed in the following manners and purposes:

  1. The processing Subject:

The Owner uses Your personal data, to be considered identifying common data of commercial contact (name, surname, corporate name, e-mail) or images, photos/video footage during events collected as part of Owner events registration.

  1. Processing Purpose:

2.1 Your personal data are processed for the following contract purposes:

  • For registration and for event management to which you want to partecipate as a visitors;
  • To fulfil contractual obligation (including the acquisition of preliminary information for contract conclusion) contractual obligation and legal regulation generated by outstanding relations with You;
  • To fulfil contractual obligation provided by law, by a regulation, by community legislation or by an order from Authority;
  • To exercise the Owner rights, for example the right to defence in court;

2.2. Only after Your specific consent (under Article 130 Privacy Italian Code and under Articles 6 and 7 of GDPR Code) for the following associative marketing and communication purposes, operated by sending association or any third-party interesting for association, news and events communication, through e-mail or newsletter.

2.3 Only after Your specific consent and authorisation (under Articles 6 and 7 of GDPR Code and under Article 10 of Civil Code and under Articles 96 and 97 of the law n°633 22/04/1941 of Copyright Law) for the realization of photos and video for publication purpose on Association website or other project or events websites or, again, for dissemination purposes by the press.

  1. Processing Methods and Duration:

Your personal data processing can be done through the following operations referred to the Article 4 n. 2 GDPR and specifically: collection, registration, organisation, conservation, consultation, elaboration, selction, extraction, comparison, application, interconnection, block, communication, deletion and destruction of personal data. Your data can be subjected to paper and digital treatment.

The Owner will process the personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the contractual purpose above-mentioned and no more than 10 years from the conclusion of contractual ralation.

The Owner will process the personal data for the communication and associative marketing purposes above-mentioned, for the time as long as necessary to carry out the purposes for which they were collected, for the time set out by law or for the disposition of the authority. In respons to your desire to withdraw the given consent or the explicit decision of unsuscribed from our newsletter, your personal data will be disabled from our marketing database in order that you will not get others communication.

During the event in which you are taking part the images – audio -video footage will be preserved for no longer than the purposes achievement for which they were processing and/or for the time necessary for the law obligations. The check on the collected data obsolescence is done periodically in order to the purposes for which they were collected.

  1. Access to the data

Your personal data will be available for the purposes of which to the previous Article 2:

  • Owner’s employees and co-workers in their capacity as internal managers for data processing and/or system administrator;
  • To Owner’s third parties or others subjects (for information purposes, professional offices, IT consultants, events organizers etc.) that carry out activities on behalf of Owner, even in their capacity as external managers of data processing.
  1. Data Communication

Under Article 6 word b) and c) GDPR, so without the need of a consent, the Owner will be able to communicate Your personal data for the contractual relation purposes to legal authorities including those subjects to which the communication is required for the law for the completion of the mentioned purposes.

Mentioned subjects will process data in their capacity as indipendent Owners of the processing data.

Your personal data and images will be subject to dissemination only after Your specific consent.


  1. Data Transfer

The personal data could be transfer, for the purpose of which to this policy including for necessity of filing or storage, both to EU countries and third countries relative to EU. In any case, the Owner provides from now that the extra-EU transfer of data will take place in accordance with legal provisions implementation.


  1. The Nature of data provision and consequences of refus to respond.

The data provision for the contractual purposes of which to the first part Under Article 2 is obligatory. In their absence, we will not assure You the event registration and partecipation.

The data provision for the marketing purposes or for image/photo/video publication of which to the second part Under article 2 (2.2 and 2.3) is however optional; You will decide to not give any data or to deny afterwards the possibility of processing the data provided yet: in that case, You will not get the said before commercial communication and the related event and services offered advertising material from Owner or we will not be able to use images and/or audiovideo footage on You for the abovementioned purpose.


  1. The rights of the data subject

As data subjects, You will be able to exercise the rights of which Under Article 15 GDPR and precisely:

  • to obtain confirmation of whether or not  your personal data exists, even if You are not registered, and their communication in intelligible form;
  • to obtain the indication: a) of the origin of the personal data; b) of the purposes and the methods of processing; c) of apllication logic in case of performed processing with the help of electronic means; d) of the identification details of the Owner, of the Managers and of the designated representative Under Article 3 comma 1, GDPR; e) of the subjects or subjects categories to whom personal data can be communicated or they can come to the knowledge in quality of designated representative in the State territory, of managers or authorised;
  • to obtain: a) the upgrade, the rectification as in data integration, when there is interest; b) the delation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of processing data in violation of the law, even those of which there’s not the need the conservation in relationship with the purposes for which personal data were collected or thereafter processed; c) the certification that operations of which a) and b) letters have been notified, even with regards to the content, of people who personal data have been communicated or shared, unless it is impossible or it involves a manifestly disproportionate effort compared to the right to be protected.
  • To object partially or completely: a) for legitimate reasons to the personal data processing that regards You, although relevant to the collection purpose; b) to personal processing data that regards You to the sending advertising purposes or direct selling purposes or for the market research fulfilment or commercial communication, with the automations facilities usage of call without an operator intervention by e-mail and/or through traditional marketing mode by phone and/or paper mail.
  • It should be noted that the right of object of the data subject, shown in the abovementioned point b), for the  direct marketing purpose through the automation mode is extended to the traditional ones and anyway there is the possibility fot the data subject toexercise the right of object even only in part. Therefore the data subject can decide to recive communications through traditional form only which is automations communications or none of the two forms.
  • Wherever applying, You will have the rights of which Under Article 16-21 GDPR (the right of reply, the right to oblivion, the right to processing restriction, the right to data portability, the right to object), including the right to lodge a complaint to Competition Authority.
  1. Operations rights modes

At any time You may exercise Your rights by sending a registered letter to a.r to AFIL-ASSOCIAZIONE FABBRICA INTELLIGENTE LOMBARDIA, Kilometro Rosso Innovation District in Via Stezzano 87, 24126 Bergamo (BG) or an e-mail to

  1. Owner and Managers

The Owner of the processing data is ASSOCIAZIONE FABBRICA INTELLIGENTE LOMBARDIA, with registered office in Via Oldofredi ercole 23, 20124 Milano, Fiscal Code and VAT number 08192390964. The processing managers updated list is guarded among Owner’s processing registered office.