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Events are the key moment in Afil’s life. Because they allow companies to represent what they need for their future, and thus also enables them to contribute to the Roadmaps. Moreover, they are also indispensable for training and inform staff and managers of Afil member companies.

Eventi AFIL AFIL Journal

News, analysis and insights from Afil and its world of reference, in Lombardy and Europe. But also on manufacturing, enabling technologies and all the issues that affect us closely.

Eventi AFIL Strategic Communities

Strategic communities are Afil working groups made up of: companies, research centres, universities and business associations. They cooperate strategically in order to achieve shared goals and interests on specific issues in advanced manufacturing. The first three Afil strategic communities cover circular economy, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing.

Eventi AFIL Associazione

AFIL – Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia


AFIL, Associazione Fabbrica Intelligente Lombardia, is the region’s technology cluster. It brings together all types of stakeholders in regional manufacturing: companies (large, medium, SMEs, start-up), research centers and universities, industrial associations. It is the result of a process led by the Lombardy Region to create aggregation entities between the various regional players active in research and innovation in the priority areas identified by the regional Smart Specialization Strategy (S3)

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